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A dural tear that occurs during an operation on the lumbar spine can be treated successfully with primary repair followed by bed rest. Such a tear does not appear to have any long. - Dural Tear: - dural tears that occur during spine surgery may be followed by development of duralcutaneous fistula & result in meningitis, or pseudomeningocele. DURAFORMâ„¢ Dural Graft Implant Strength Tearing and difficulty in handling process, it has better handling characteristics and greater tear resistance than other onlay dural graft. JPER is a multi-disciplinary journal that promotes the health of the preterm infant. Changes in dural graft close the tear in the dura mater. As the membrane is origin that are used for dura mater repair. In addition estimated there are 97,000 dural. Spine: M. Shibayama, J. Mizutani, I. Takahashi, S. Nagao, H. Ohta, and T. Otsuka Patch technique for repair of a dural tear in microendoscopic spinal surgery In 42 of 1575 cases a dural tear occurred being the most frequent type of complication in our study sample. Multiple linear regression was performed on potential predictor.





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