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Get your little one back to nature with our Farm Animal Bib. Comes in your choice of either an adorable Fuzzy Bunny against solid pink background and. COW farm animal moo cute T59 Italian charm link 9mm new $0.99: Animal Farm- George Orwell $3.00: Rubber Ducky Duck Duckie with Cow Face Mask~farm animal Cows and Cattle question: What farm animal out eats a cow by seven to one? Unless you are thinking of an elephant as a farm animal that would obviously eat 7 times more than a cow. COW EARRINGS - Tiny 3D Charm ~ Miniature Country Dairy Farm Animal Bovine Jewelry ~ Mini resin figure, approx. 1/2 inch tall x 3/4 inch long. Clover Farm Vintage Milk Can Label Cleveland Oh Ohio $3.99: Blown Glass Art Animal Figurine Clear Crystal Ox ~ Cow $12.76: Piece of Cowhide Pelt $14.99





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