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Yarn Dyed Fabric/fabric/shirt Fabric/100% Cotton Fabric/chenille Yarn Dyed Fabric /fabric/shirt Fabric /100% Cotton Fabric /chenille Wujiang City New Development Textile Co. Ltd cotton fabric seersucker fabric,bronzing fabric,chenille fabric,velvet pile fabric,faux suede fabric. Chenille Fabric: Type : Common Fibres: Fibre: Cotton and any of the main textile fibres. Weave: Mostly plain weave. Characteristics: Warp yarn of any major textile fibre. chenille Chenille is a fabric consisting of wool, cotton, silk or artifical fibers. It is woven from blurry yarn s or tufts. Usually it is a mix from chenille and normal textile yarn. vintage chenille, bedspreads, baby quilts, clothing. © All rights reserved • Mimi's Rose Chenille Boutique • Powered by Chenille: Christmas: Cool Craft Stuff: Cotton Fabric by Colour: Cotton Fabric by Theme: English Paper Piecing: Flannel Fabric by Colour: Flannel Fabric by Theme.





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