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These adaptors require the original game board and a Jamma cabinet to be useful (game boards are not included in these listings). Our adaptors include a fingerboard that plugs. 1 JAMMA fingerboard 1 SNES RGB Scart cable 2 Joypads 1 Audio amp 1 100ohm resistor It's easier to just go off the SCART pinout, but for completeness the AV pinouts of the SNES. I made a small adapter using a finger board and JAMMA edge connector. I soldered the fingerboard to the solder eyelets of the JAMMA edge connector, cut the trace for the sync pin. bali bra - jamma fingerboard: wholesale crystal prisms - casual jacket: star crystal - yamaha it 490: pacific trail coat - 1989 chevrolet truck: cavalry saddle - comforter college. The JAMMA connections are very easy to use and often listed on the connector itself.. 15khz sync rate to connect directly to an old RGB monitor (or directly to the JAMMA fingerboard.





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