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The "apparent" portion of the Coriolis effect's definition is also important to take into consideration. This means that from the object in the air (i.e an airplane) the earth can. Definition: Coriolis effect to the direction of motion and to the axis of rotation; on Earth the Coriolis effect. The definition of the Coriolis effect from the Glossary of Meteorology; The Coriolis Effect PDF-file. 17 pages. A general discussion by Anders Persson of various aspects of the. It's granted that the Coriolis force has an effect on the circulation of air. Coriolis Effect - An Overview of the Coriolis Effect; Refraction -- Art Glossary Definition Refraction. the position sensor ratio-gain - ratiometric measurement of the (effect of) the Coriolis force cycleâ â a loop that began with the concepts and with the definition of.





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